MAN IN THE MOON" Figure / Historical, Natural, Carved Moonstone

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This stunning piece of stone is owned by a famous moonstone mine owner in Sri Lanka. The stone is a very rare piece which has a historic value. Was found over hundred years ago from Sri Lanka’s very first (the oldest) moonstone mine located in Dumbara district in Kandy in a period when the British ruled the country.

This mine produced one of the world’s most beautiful & rarest moonstones with an elegant sparkling shine similar to expensive diamond luster.  Compared to other moonstones available this piece of stone is amazingly attractive, luxurious, authentic and an exclusive collector special.

Presently the stone is 232.49 CRT in weight and 25MM x 26MM x 4MM dimension in sized, carefully and beautifully carved as a “ MAN IN THE MOON” figure.

According to the moonstone mine & collector’s statistics and reviews this is one of the world’s biggest natural, historical moonstones found with above mentioned specification.

Interested buyers, collectors and museums can quote with their price. On request we can dispatch a DVD / Video footage, Print Brochure and related information regarding this stone.

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