We at The World Crafts (TWC) are proud to bring you the finest collection of quality cut loose gemstones in both natures of natural or burnt.

CatsEye, Moonstones, Rainbow Moonstones, Blue, Pink, yellow and fancy sapphire, loose blue sapphire and tourmaline gemstones, ruby gems. Tourmaline in all colors Pink tourmalines and rare red, blue, pink, yellow, spinel and Ceylon sapphire, blue Zircon. Stones from Thailand & Bangkok, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, India. Blue star sapphire and Star ruby Kelly Green tsavorite garnet, orange Mandarin Spessartite garnet, Pink, blue green tourmalines, Rubellite and chrome tourmaline. Blue zircon aquamarine, alexandrite, tanzanite, amethyst, opal, gemstones in all colors including padparadscha. Faceted precision cut gemstones, that are being used to make some of the finest of gold and silver jewelry, set of course with Gemstones from The World Crafts.

Please contact contact@theworldcraft.com to buy or sell your Gems.